At no more than of 5 hours from the cosmopolitan city of Cancun, one of the most recognized resorts cities in the world, there is a place which for years had remained hidden from the eyes of the world, but now at the dawn of the new century, this part of Mexico rises his voice, reminding us its existence, and of course we can not refer to anything other than the city of Chetumal.

Birthplace of the mestizos

The Chetumal area (including the northernmost part of Belize), is known as the birthplace of mestizos, (the children resulting from the union of a European with an American Native), because of the legend that tells how in 1511 a shipwrecked Spanish sailor, captured by the Maya, had wound up fighting for Nachan Ka’an, the Lord of Chactemal. Gerrero had married Nachan Ka’an’s daughter Zazil Há, and their children were the first known mestizo children. In fact they were the first known mixed-race children in the New World.

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