Bacalar, Magic town

Lake Bacalar

This old town, filled with history and beautiful natural attractions, lies on the banks of the lagoon of the same name. Its gentle waters, that show seven beautiful shades of blue, are excellent for canoeing and all sorts of water sports, in addition to hosting the annual motor race Bacalar Chetumal, which in 2008 completed its XXIV edition.

Fort San Felipe

Also on this coast is the old Spanish Fort of San Felipe, that was built in the year 1729 to protect the village from the attacks of British pirates who used the bay to hide after their looting of the Spanish fleet that came to the new world, and also was the scene of bloody battles against Mayan tribes in the region. The fort today houses the city museum.

Cenote Azul

Near the entrance to the town the Cenote Azul is a beautiful, small, body of dark blue water surrounded by lush green jungle vegetation. The crystal clear water offers snorkelers and divers an experience in inland aquatics,and for those who just love fresh water swimming, it is heavenly. The water is very deep, causing pause for those who imagine seas monsters coming from the depths. But for water-lovers who bask in the pure joy of swimming, it is delightful.

All this combined with its incredible landscapes and the warmth of its climate and its people make this town, located just 20 minutes from Chetumal.

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