Plaza las Americas

It is an American-style shopping center built and opened in 2004. It has many shops for all tastes, from large department stores of great tradition in Mexico, as Liverpool and Chedraui supermarket, to small establishments with more specialized products. In this square you will find among other things, vitamin supplements, designer clothing, fashion lenses, photographic items, pet items, gifts, stuff toys, watches, and an extensive array of products.

In addition to this, the mall has a food area where you can find some internationally recognized chains such as McDonalds and Domino’s pizza, and some unique to Chetumal, as Don Jose and Sergio’s Pizza. You can also enjoy the cinema complex of the Mexican chain "Cinepolis", with 13 first class cinema rooms, including 2 macro screens that project the films. The mayority of the films are in English with subtitles in Spanish, so those who speak little or no Spanish can enjoy them as well.

The Las Americas Shopping Center is located on the main Av Insurgentes, at the same height as the ISSSTE hospital. It is only 5 minutes away from the entrance to Chetumal. The opening hours of most stores are from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm on an average, but some of its establishments like Chedraui open from 8:00 am and cinemas sometimes stay open until 11:00 pm.

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